End of HumSafar-Istion

By Nauman Adil

The author is the Executive director at Institute of Journalism

The serial that is critically acclaimed not only in Pakistan but globally as well, will be coming up with its last episode today i.e. 3rd March 2012. The drama gained enormous popularity not because of the channel it is aired on but because of the direction and the unique acting of Fawad Afzal Khan a.k.a Asher. The drama is directed by Sarmad Sultan Khoosat, based on the novel  Humsafar of the same name written by Farhat Ishtiaq.

During this journey of Humsafar a lot of Die-hearted fans of Asher remains his humsafar till the last episode . Not to mention but Asher fanlist contains 99.99% girls. Their love and affection towards Asher can be witnessed from their Facebook statuses which were full of grieves whenever Asher cried, their hatred for Sara (Humsafar villain) , their feelings as a girl for Khirad and nevertheless their ❤ ❤ ❤ signs for Asher after every episode. Girls mostly proclaimed Asher’s acting as a “CUTE ACTING” .  Since the day Humsafar started many girls witnessed saying “Oh My God! Asher is sooooo cuuuuuuuttttteeee!!! “ among their female fellows and sometime with their male fellows (might be to make them jealous or to give them the message  “SEE IF YOU CRY FOR US YOU WILL ALSO LOOK CUTE”).

I still remember a Saturday when humsafar was not telecasted due to some technical problem. My facebook timeline was full of the statuses like

–          ASHER ❤ ❤

–          Humsafar 😦

–          What to do from 8 – 9 today  .. Asher ❤ 😦

–          Shit .. Humsafar will be repeated today

–          WTF ? Humsafar 😦

Etc etc

You can hardly find any guy watching Woh Humsafar tha but Amazingly, they are also well updated on what’s going around due to either they have many female friends on their facebook profile who update their statuses when asher cries , when he smiles , when he talk arrogantly with Atiqa Odho , when he don’t respond phone calls of Khirad followed by 100’s like by other girls watching the same drama and updating the same statuses OR their girlfriend repeats the whole Humsafar telecast verbally for his sweetheart using Night Call package and demonstrating the way Asher cried and Khirad made a last call to him . Some read the whole humsafar novel before and put it on facebook to get rid of the female friends on his facebook who must deleted them after this act.

The craziness of girls , their facebook statuses on Saturday’s , Hum Tv Saturday 8-9 all will all come to an end today when Humsafar will telecast their last episode.  Many girls started the countdown on their facebook statuses and keep on updating them after every hour. If visited on the facebook page of humsafar the people talking about Humsafar increasing as the clock moves towards 8.

The good thing about Woh Humsafar tha is it bring life back to Pakistani Drama industry and motivated others to produce drama like Humsafar.  As usual Boys can’t control the remote on Saturdays 8-9 but still somehow they are relieved that their own Pakistani drama is running on their home theaters rather than any foreign channel.

I hope the fight between Khirad and Asher , the crazy role of Sara in Asher’s life , the arrogance of Asher towards Atiqa Odho will all be forgivable by the Pakistani girls and will accept it as a drama and not the reality of lives. I hope they will take it as a act on novel only and not the Re-Enactment.  I hope this drama won’t make any girl able to find more girls like Sara in their married lives. I hope this drama will not able any girl to commit suicide as many girls cut their hands when Asher did the same. I hope and I wish you all the Happy Humsafar Ending.


I am still confused whether the love for Fawad a.k.a Asher  will remain the same after the last episode or not??

2 Responses to “End of HumSafar-Istion”
  1. As far as I know PHOBIA means FEAR.. I think you should edit this title as END OF HUMSAFAR OBSESSION

    Please correct me If I’m wrong. 🙂


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